In order to lose one to two kilograms a week you will need a 1000 calories deficit a day. You can either cut this out from your daily diet, or you can burn up an extra 1000 calories a day through exercise, which providing you refrain from eating any extra food, would certainly have the desired effect. For obvious reasons this method would be exhausting and very time consuming. For instance to burn 1000 calories a day, you would either have to swim four hours a day, or cycle four hours a day, or walk for 20 hours. The best solution of these would be to run for one hour a day.

To dispose of a cheese sandwich, you would have to play squash for one hour, and to dispose of a good dinner at a restaurant you would need to play squash for eight hours. The ideal suggestion for losing weight is that you cut out 1000 calories from your normal daily diet, and that you also increase your daily physical fitness activities. Never be deceived into believing that massage machines, electrical treatments, or steam heat in any form can ever help in the process of slimming. Exercises performed in the home may certainly benefit weak muscles, but they will not lose you any weight.

Most people’s weight stays constant due to a normal working appetite center in the brain. They eat only what their bodies need. In overweight people very often this mechanism has been overridden by faulty eating habits, cravings or socialising and it needs to be retrained into successfully matching the calories consumed with the calories expended.

Some people who are known to eat excessively seem able to remain slim, while others of us seem to gain weight at the very smell or sight of food, these people are fortunate. They have a metabolism which burns up their calories at a fast rate, and until someone someday can find a way of changing a fat person’s metabolism the golden rule of slimming remains the same: reduce your energy input to less than your energy output level and you’re bound to lose weight.

Flora is a fitness professional, and freelance blogger who is happy to share tips on 14-day 500-calorie diet for effective and healthy weight loss.

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