Write for Us

Write for Us

Writing for www.girlstip.com is a great way to share your thoughts as well as grow your own following.  Each post on Totalhealthcaretips Blogs includes an author bio that is purposed to give the reader more information about the contributor, as well as one link to promote their own website, blog, or projects. This is the perfect opportunity to contribute to a community of people who share your own writing skills in front of a growing audience.


1) You can write anything like : Health, beauty or, Beauty Makeup, Hair Problem & solution, Health tutorials, eye makeup, skin care, home remedies, food & Recipes,  fitness tips, how to or anything you have an opinion on and would like to share. We want to hear them all !!

2) Post should be 100% unique & can’t put the same post on their own blog and any other blog on the web.

3) Article Must be more than 450+ words.

4 ) We would give a maximum of One links per post.

If you agree to these terms, then you can submit your guest article for our website. Please send us the .doc file and the images that you want us to insert in your article to my Email ID:

girlstipblog@gmail.com . We immediately inform you when we publish your articles.