Top 7 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss. Yoga is the way to connect with the soul and bring about harmony between the body and the mind. It is the holistic way of maintaining and healing overall health. But when it comes to weight loss with the help of exercise, the image of vigorous jogging, running, cycling and jumping comes to our mind and most of us cannot relate yoga with weight loss. But actually yoga and weight loss are more connected than we actually know about it. There are various causes of weight gaining and yoga addresses those reson from within.

Stimulates the Liver – Liver is one of  the most important organ of human body which performs various  functions, and  the most important function it performs  is detoxification and cleansing of the human body. It purifies the blood and after that flush out harmful chemicals and toxins. A healthy and strong liver can also able to eliminate bad fats from the body and put the required  fats to use. It helps in providing  proper  energy to the body. Yoga play a important role in increasing the vital force of the liver for its proper functioning. Liver can also be cleansed effectively followed by fruit and proper vegetable diet plan.

Activate the Thyroid Gland – The Thyroid is hormone-secreting gland of the human body that controls metabolism of the body. Active and high metabolism rate helps in burning fat from the body at more faster pace. Yoga poses help in correcting or modifying  Thyroid dysfunction process.

Maintaining accordingly Right pH of the Body – A body that has a more acidic pH has the tendency to collect fat in order to save itself from the acids. And this type of mechanism leads to the deposition of visceral fat that accumulates the inside organs and blood vessels. Yoga asana can help in maintain the body pH at a safe alkaline level.

Striking the Perfect Balance in between the Parasympathetic Sympathetic Nervous System – Stress is the major reason for weight gaining. But relaxing according to yoga poses can bring about the right balance between the nervous system sympathetic and parasympathetic which is very essential to relieve stress and anxiety.

Active Internal Heat – Warmth can be created by activating the nervous system that automatically in the body itself makes the body feel warmer. Yoga poses activate the nerves in systematic way stretching, and this heat helps by burning the deep-seated trans fat.

Move your Muscles with Strength – Yoga poses which provide the body to become active along with stretching as well as compression of muscles aid in weight loss. The activity of the muscle tissues promotes them to use fat as a fuel.

Get the Heart Rate Up – Although cardio and also the indoor aerobic exercises are the most popular way to help in increase the heart rate, but also effective yoga exercise which improve the heart rate up for a small period of time and then after drops it right down.

Top 7 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss:

You may tried various types of different things to get back into shape like massage gels, pills and creams. These may seem effective at first but, there is no long-term effect on the body. Yoga poses which is suitable for weight loss on the other hand stretches and tones the different body parts and stimulates the metabolism rate of the body to promote calorie burn.

Yoga Warrior Pose 1:


The Warrior Pose or Veerabhadrasana is one of the suitable yoga poses for weight loss which also strengthens and tones the arms, thighs, shoulders and back muscles – all at the same time. It is also an effective yoga for those people with back problems. It is also beneficial for increasing total balance and stamina. In this yoga pose you need to stand straight with your legs far apart. After that bring your hands up above your head and stretch them.

Clasp both hands together like Namaste style and turn your torso towards the right side. Your right knee should bend slightly when trying to stretch your abdominal muscles as much as possible that you can do. Keep close your eyes and count for 30 seconds to 1 minute. After turning it towards the right, follow the same procedure towards the left side. This will help to tighten your muscles and also tone your legs providing  you very good body strength. Repeat the posture 3 to 4 times on both sides.

Yoga Warrior Pose 2:


This is one of the most useful exercises for flat tummy and thighs that opens up the hips, strengthens and helpful for tones the thighs, works the abdominal muscles and organs and help in improving the stamina and concentration. It also helpful in energizing the strained limbs. This type of yoga pose is just the same as that of the above. It has also the same work on the tummy and legs. Yet it is done in a different way.


Stand up on your legs and placed it away from one another. Now move your right foot in the right side and bend right knee so your right thigh is parallel along the floor. Put your hands both sides keeping them parallel to the floor and look to your right. Count for 30 seconds to 60 second and return to the beginning position. Repeat the same step on the other side. Do the exercise 3 to 4 times on both sides. By doing this type of yoga pose, the abdominal muscles are stretched. So try this yoga pose which will be very effective for fat remove.

Yoga Chair Pose:


The Chair Pose or Utkatasana is the best exercises for thigh that strengthen and tones the muscles of the hips, back , glutes, and chest along with the ankle and knee muscles. It also heips in strengthens the lower back and helps to bring forth determination in the mind. In this pose of asana, the body appears like a chair, and it requires much more stamina. You may firstly feel pain in your legs in the starting couple of beginning days. However doing this in a regular way will help you in gaining flexibility in body and the pain will vanish.

You need to keep your feet together. Inhale during you raising your hands above your head. Stretch them in upward and bend your knees a little, inhale during bending your knees. And then after you need to remain in this position for at least 1 minute during breathing normally. It may be little difficulty in the starting to remain in this position, so try to hold it for longer time and stand up when you feel too much pressure. You can begin by doing this 10 to 12 times every day and increase the number after every 3 days. It will tone down your thighs and melt the unnecessary fat from your tummy.

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