The quirks and perks of eye creams

These given is an eye cream, such as Age Escape, necessary for aging eye skin care?  Absolutely!

Below are the advantages of signing up an eye cream for your day and night skincare routines:

  1. An eye cream will help you rid your eyes of puffiness, which commonly causes problems in the morning. Soothing ingredients, including essential oils such as argan oil, chamomile and almond oil, can all relieve swelling and irritation that may be causing your eyes to bulge.
  1. An eye cream can double up as a skin brightener. If dark under eyes are your perennial eye skin problems, sign up an eye cream that contains skin lightening ingredients such as licorice, kojic acid and glutatione.  Until the final word on the current studies undertaken by the US Food and Drug Administration on the topical use of hydroquinone and its potential carcinogenic effect is out, it’s best for you to steer clear of this substance.
  1. Address thin, delicate eye skin by reinforcing your skin’s protective barriers, most especially if you notice that the color of the veins underneath are showing through your skin. An eye cream that contains ceramides and aloe vera can help you achieve that.
  1. An eye cream can help address the insufficient natural moisture prevalent on skin surrounding your eyes. Promote dewier, livelier eyes and kick out tired eyes with an eye cream that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen or co-enzyme Q10.
  1. An eye cream helps improve eye skin protection free radical damage. An eye cream that contains high levels of antioxidants helps you achieve this.

Some eye creams may provide sufficient nutrition to keep your eye area healthy both day and night.  Some, however, like Age Escape, are made with retinols which breakdown readily under sunlight and therefore are best used at night. Vitamin A derivatives, including retinol, retinoids and tretinoin, have been shown to act on wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, and inhibits melanin production as well which helps brighten dark marks including dark under eye circles.

Contrary to what product marketing may have had you thinking, an eye cream may not be necessary for younger skin in the 20s and below.  For older skin, an eye cream is a necessity.  You can use your eye cream for the rest of your face, neck, even your chest.


Protect yourself from the fanfare prevalent in the market about eye creams and other anti-aging products.  Knowledge is your best companion.


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