The Quirks and Perks for Your Anti-Aging Routine

An eye cream is one of the must-have anti-aging creams every aging woman should get and incorporate in her daily skincare regimen.  That’s because skin around the eyes are specially susceptible to dryness and therefore much more prone to aging than skin elsewhere on your face.

The special needs of skin around your eyes

Thin, delicate, prone to dryness — these are the best words to describe skin around your eyes.  Unsurprisingly, this is the area where people often first notice fine lines and age spots.  There are at least five reasons why:

  1. First, skin around your eyes lack a significant fat layer to cushion it from pressure caused by gravity, squinting and even frequent rubbing of eye skin.
  1. Second, skins around these parts are known to be up to 10 times thinner than skin elsewhere on your already delicate facial skin.
  1. Third, every facial expression involves folding and creasing of skin around your eyes. It is the most expressive part of your face.  The more expressive you are, the more likely you’ll get wrinkles earlier.
  1. Fourth, underneath your eye skin are very thin veins that are prone to breakage and fluid leaks. Combined with the thin skin of this area, the color of the veins may already show through even when micro circulation is perfectly fine.
  1. Lastly, your skull naturally sets your eye area at a greater depth compared to the rest of your face, making it easily appear dark and distant. More work therefore is necessary to bring it forward both by plumping and by visually directing your skin using cosmetics.

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