Dark Mehendi (Henna)Designs Tips are very popular in Asian and Persian countries. Every girl dreams of a dark mehendi design on her special festival and marriage day. Bridal dark mehendi designs tips are especially in vouge. But have you ever wondered how to keep that special dark mehendi design tips longer?It is like a tradition in India, and it is even believed that the women whose dark mehendi designs tips has left a dark color will get immense love from her husband! While there’s another school of thought which believes that the darker your mehendi is,the more love shall be showered upon you by your mother-in-law!!

All the dark mehendi designs tips mentioned below are very easy and use ingredients easily available at home. Believe me, it’s no rocket science and anyone can achieve that!!!Hope you have liked Dark Mehendi Designs Tips .


First of all, Wash your hands properly with soap and water (2times).

Position the tip of Mehendi cone over the skin. Apply a little force to top of cone gently so that mehendi can dispense off to hand from the tip If it doesn’t dispense then cut the tip little more, but not too much. Ensure that the cut is small Create Your Design.

After that applying the mehendi design on your hands, let it dry. Make it dry enough so that when you touch it, it doesn’t stick to your hands and it doesn’t spread.

Let the Mehendi dry up a bit. Mix 1 lemon juice and 1 tsp of sugar in a bowl and try to dissolve sugar in lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your hands and legs (Wherever you have Mehendi) with the help of a cotton bud.

After at least 2 hours, (the best is 4-6 hours) scrape the mehendi off of your skin with a blunt knife or with your fingernails.

Next, rub some mustard oil, baby oil, or Vicks on your hands to remove excess henna and to improve the color of the mehendi.

Don’t wash your Mehendi with water at all. Henna stops attaining colour, the minute you wash it with water. In fact, make sure that your hands don’t come in touch with water for at least 12 hours.

The best color will be the day after mehendi has been scraped off. So apply your design by working backwards from your special day!

Wax and bleach your limbs before mehendi is applied, else mehendi will be waxed off!

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