How to remove holi colours from hairs and skin

We all know that Holi is the festival of colours. This festival has very important place In India’s culture like Diwali and other festivals. Earlier people use to celebrate holi with natural colours or chemical free colours. But in today’s market , available colours is not like that I used to be. These colours are made with different composition of chemical compound or you can say it mixture of many chemicals. Still we all know that we can’t avoid these colours completely because of festival. After this festival (holi) we all face with such issue that colours remain stuck with skin and we spent too many time to remove it completely from skin. Ultimately it damages our skin.

All we wish some easy and simple home remedies to remove these chemical colours from skin. Every one try their own known method. Here I am sharing some simple and easy steps or secrets which will tell you to How to remove holi colours from hairs and skin. It will help to remove all types of colour from hair and skin.

Remove holi colours from hairs and skin

Besan and curds

This is one of best way to to remove colours from your hair. Take a bowl and prepare mixture of besan and curds. Mix it properly and add aawla  ( aawla has to be soaked in water for a log duration or one night before).  Now your recipe is ready. Wash your hair with this mixture instead of any shampoo. Your head will be free from any colours.


Banana and milk

You can also try the combinations banana and milk.  Prepare a paste of banana and milk (it is not banana shake). Now add a little amount of honey in the past of banana and milk. Mix well of all three ingredients. Your recipe of colours removal is ready. Apply this on your head and leave for some time till the paste become dry. After some time wash your head. Now your head is free from the colours.

Fenugreek (Methi) seeds

Fenugreek seeds have plenty of benefits. Here is one more benefits of fenugreek seeds. Take a little amount of fenugreek seeds and mix it in curds. Keep this mixture for whole night.  2nd say apply the mixture on your head. Keep applied on your head for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Now wash your head (you can also use shampoo after washing you head with the mixture).  Your head will be completely colours free.

Multani Mitti

Again this is very simple and easy method to remove colours. We all know use of multani mitti. Multani mitti is very beneficial of hair and skin. It is also widely used in sops and face facks. With the help of muiltani mitti , you can get rid of colours which has stuck on your skin. Prepare a paste of multani mitti and water. Apply this paste on your face and keep this paste till it goes dry. It will help you to remove colours from skin.

Lemon juice and Curd

This is also an effective and pure organic method to remove strong colours from your skin. Make a paste of lemon juice and curd. Mix it well.  Now apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes. After half an hour wash your skin properly. You will get amaze that holi colours is completely gone from skin.

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