How to get rid of acne scars ?

Acne Prone Skin: Are you tired of Acne Scars

If you’ve been looking in the mirror and all you’ve been noticing is not your skin but your pesky blemishes — pimples, whiteheads and blackheads — then, something must be done about your situation right now.  Else, acne will get out of hand and ruin your complexion for good.  At a time when acne treatment is mature, there must be one method that perfectly suits your skin and will give you the solution you’ve been seeking and maybe, this time, your clear, acne-free skin will last.

Acne triggers

From a medical standpoint, acne begins when several pores develop what are called plugs, which are often triggered by excessive oil production.  These plugs then block the normal pathway of the oil so it makes the surface of the skin.  When natural skin oils are stuck inside your pores, it attracts the growth of bacteria which, otherwise are only found on your skin’s surface.  This then causes an infection.

The worst kind of acne and the one which needs closer treatment and observation are the ones that contain cysts.  Cysts grow underneath the skin and are often painful.  This type of acne is considered severe and often involves oral prescription medications to treat and heal.

Acne triggers include the following:

  1. Hormone fluctuations.

There isn’t much you can do about this acne trigger but ride it out.  You can avoid the other factors below to minimize and eventually eliminate your acne instead.

  1. Chronic stress.

Find ways to ease and better manage your daily stresses.  Relax and entertain yourself every once in a while.  Calm down and quiet your thoughts.  Give yourself rest and sleep to allow your body to recuperate too.

  1. Skin that is not regularly cleansed thoroughly.

Wash your face twice daily, and thrice if you have oily skin.  Further draw out dirt by toning skin.  Use alcohol-free skin to refrain from irritating your skin even more. Keep your skin from drying to avoid excessive oil production by applying a lightweight, water-based moisturizer.

  1. Stop holding and rubbing your skin.

Don’t pop your blemishes out.  Most especially when your acne contains cysts, bursting these will only make matters worse as the cyst is deposited to another pore and infects an otherwise uninfected pore.

  1. Time to check the products you’re using.

Read the labels and if there’s anything there you can’t even begin to pronounce, it’s a sign it’s harsh.  Check and research.  Don’t hesitate to throw it away if you validate it may be irritating your skin.

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