Eat Little and Often

Try to eat little but often, it means reduce the amount in your meal and have healthy rich protein snacks between meals that will increase your metabolism and it will also help to eat less. Make your daily meal chart as one or two meals per day and sometimes skip breakfast, this is a right way to slow your metabolism.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water as much as you can have. It will stimulate your kidneys to work harder and flush out excess liquids.

The Best Foods for a flat tummy fast

For a flat tummy, add rich fiber foods in your meal like vegetables which are easy to digest and escalate your body without causing any bloating. Brown rice are also rich in fiber and nutrient and it’s very good for fluid retention as it absorbs toxins from the body. All these high fiber foods promote detoxification and prevent from boating. You can also have chicken or fish for improving your changes of flat tummy.

Probiotics and Candida Treatment

If you are affected a lot with bloating, then you should take a good quality probiotic so that beneficial bacteria could repopulate. Plain yogurt is also very useful addition to the diet. Flavored yogurt cannot be substitute of plain yogurt. . since they claim that contain only 3-4 teaspoons of sugar still it completely undermines health benefits of yogurt and it may increase your tummy fat and bloating.

Don’t Eat Anything 2 Hours before Sleep

After sleeping your body goes slow down and food will not digest properly and at the end it will store in your body as fat and will destroy your wish for flat tummy. So give your body and stomach for rest for around 2 hours.

Following a proper Cardio Plan for Weight Loss

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