How to get a flat tummy fast? Every woman wishes to have flat tummy and look slim. Todays every woman worries about this. There are many ways to achieve this like a perfect regular diet, regular exercise and posture.By this article just I want to share that how your regular diet can make a difference, obviously cannot ignore that certain abdominal exercises can help you a lot.I would like to mention one thing that some women have bad posture, as they pull their shoulders back and their stomach in, they look half a stone slimmer and their tummy looks flatter than before. Since losing weight can make a difference and you will look slim but having flat tummy and losing weight both are different. I have noticed many times slim women in Nutritional therapy practice who are slim in other area and complain that they don’t have flat tummy.

There are some solutions for tips How to get a flat tummy fast , which I am going to share.

These are few things to avoid as much as possible.

Keep Low in consumption of Refined Carbs

If you want to look with flat tummy try avoid the foods which are high in carbs like pasta, bread and white rice.

These are not only in low in vitamin and nutrition also can create bloating (make or become swollen with fluid or gas) specially in the case of pasta and bread.

 Limit Windy Food

Some people have more gas issue than others; some people have more sensation its produce.  Whatever is situation is, keep distance from foods like sort of beans or lentils if you want to slim your tummy. Also go easy with cabbage and spicy foods and Pulses because pulses contain a sort of sugar that creates gas in your stomach.

 Reduce Salt and sugar

Reduce salt consumption because salt attracts fluid which causes to create in bloat. Try to use its alternative like herbs, seasoning etc.

Food items containing sugar are rarely rich in nutritious and also can increase of candida in gut, a symptoms of bloating.

Fructose (a component of sugar used to make sweet the fizzy drinks and many more) turns into fat than other sugar products. You can also get research or must have seen on news, which clears that fructose is worse than sugar. If you consume daily 1ltr fizzy drinks per day, you will gain weight of 1pound in one week that very likely to go round the tummy area.

 Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Acidic Fruit Juices

All these are high acid beverages. That can create problem to your GI tract, which may result as swelling. And if you are consuming in empty stomach then these can affect your blood sugar level and can cause fat accumulate around stomach.

Say no to Fried Food

Strictly it is advisable that if you wish for flat tummy, say no to fried food. Fried food takes time to digest so after having fried food, you feel heavy. But good fats such as those from olive oil, nuts, seeds etc are good to consume and unlikely to cause bloating.

What to Do More of If You Want a Flat Stomach

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