• Hang the light, gifts & candy on the tree – Now everything you need is ready. It’s time to start the main work. First of all put light on your tree. It will give you a magical look to your tree. String the lights from top to bottom in a spiral way into the branches and hide the cord. Keep even space between lights wire. Now keep some distance from tree and visualize it. Adjust placement of light till your satisfaction.
  • Add Ribbons and snow (white cotton) – Since you have added lights on your tree. Now a kind of base layer before you starts adding ornaments on tree. You can add your choice but still keep some points in your mind.
  • Plastic icicles are difficult to do right
  • Use wired or mesh ribbon
  • Avoid fluffy tinsel

Now add a topper in your tree. You can use any shape for topper like Star (most common), artificial bird, angel, Snow Flake, Christian cross etc.

  1. Add Ornaments – Now we are almost done. Finally It’s time to add Ornaments in your tree to give a final look of your decoration. Since ornaments ball are delicate that why it is best to add on last stage of your decoration. Distribute these ornaments evenly. There are some points which should keep in mind.

If you’re using bulb ornaments, add the bulbs first. Consider them as your base. Then you can choose where to distribute stand-out ornaments. If any kid in your house then during placement of ornaments keep little distance from bottom of tree. Obviously you would not like that your hard work get vanish in seconds because small kids can pull out those ornaments from tree. Now add Candy and other treats. These are a traditional addition and popular with kids.

Also try some fruits on the place of candy or with candy.

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