Home remedies for dry damaged and frizzy hair

Hair is the crowning glory on a woman’s face. Hair style is amongst the first things that one notices about a person. For women, especially, long hair is a sign of beauty and many women dream to have long and silky hair. After all who does not want to turn heads wherever they go. There are many shampoos and other hair care products that promise to leave you with really lovely hair but then the truth is often very different. It is best to go with some home made formula to get beautiful hair. You will find some really helpful tips at Homemade beauty tips for Hair.

Homemade tips are often pure in terms of the ingredients used. Most of the things are available in your kitchen so there is no extra expense either and most importantly, these recipes are free of chemicals and other harmful things unlike the products available in the market. They might be a little time consuming for your will have to mix things and prepare them but that is a small price to pay for the result that you will get in the end.

Before we start on the tips section, let it be very clear that there are two things that contribute to the health of the hair. One is the nutrition that your hair gets internally as a result of the food that you eat. The other important factor is the way you look after it. It is this later part that will give your hair that extra shiny and thickness and the dark color. Hair looks dull and damaged because of exposure to harsh sunlight and pollution. Also if you have been experimenting with looks like hair color, straightening, perming etc, a lot of chemical would have gone into the hair which results in excess hair fall and damage to the hair. In the process of trying to look good, you have ended up with almost irreparable damage to the hair.

It is actually every woman’s dream to have a thick bunch of shiny hair. So if your hair is damaged there are some things you can still do to rectify. And if it is not yet damaged then you better follow the tips below to get beautiful long hair.

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