Reduce Arthritis: They prevent and reduce arthritis or bones strengthen blood vessels and joints.

Helps to control Stress and Depression:     Sesame seed is connected serotonin activities because direct impact to our mood.

Metabolic Function in Human body: Sesame seeds are containing large amount of protein or resemble all component parts which is usable protein in Human body those are added to health y level of metabolic.

Sesame seeds are available generally for all grocery stores, and they found many countries in world.

Sesame seeds are nutty taste or delicate to many Asian receipt and dishes. And wonderful sweets call halva for Middle Eastern countries .sesame seeds are available for many varieties of color like: yellow, red and black.

Basically they are used for bakery products like bread, curry dishes, cooking fish curry, cookies, pasta, and they are naturally used for ice cream or halva also.

Warning:  Large amount of sesame seeds consumption is to harmful, or painful in stomach you are suffering from THC, when the consume excess amount.

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