Prevent for Blood pressure: Sesame seeds have been reduce in hypertension and they are helpful for various cardiac condition. They are playing a key of magnesium to control low blood pressure,

Reduce Diabetes problems: Sesame oil can reduce diabetes with the help of magnesium and increase plasma for hypersensitive diabetes.

Reduce Cancer problems: Sesame seeds are wide range of vitamin and mineral container and reducing risk of cancer. Sesame seeds are linked to leukemia to prevent breast, lung and prostate cancer. They have excellent phyto           sterol content of seeds.

Protect Respiratory system: Magnesium is the key of sesame seeds they are helpful to prevent respiratory by airway spasm, asthma.

Prevent for Skin and Hair: They have full of nutrient which can protect hair which consider like power food with green tea, honey and turmeric. In sesame seeds high level of zinc which can strengthens of skin and hair and reducing premature age symbols.

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