Sesame Seeds/Sesame Oil/Kala Till are helpful for Health.Sesame seeds the scientific name is Sesamum indicum they are extremely helpful for health. Sesame seeds are born from sesame plant and there growth many countries like India and Africa, and they used in many dishes. Their ability to control more diseases like: Diabetes, Lower Blood pressure, High blood pressure, built strong Bons, Prevent Cancer, and improve Digestion system, and controlling cholesterol. If you are taking sesame seeds in liquid form so control cholesterol and triglyceride between 8 to 16 percent.9 Health Benefits of sesame seeds.

Health Benefits of sesame seeds

Nutritional Profile:

They are good resource magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, vitamin B1, molybdenum.

Amazing Benefits Of Sesame Seeds (Til) For Skin And Health

Control digestion system: Sesame seeds are helpful for digestion to prevent and help the intestine with elevation; they are protecting your health and reducing the chances of gastrointestinal problems, and protecting like key component of hemoglobin.

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