I love chocolate. And I am sure, you also love chocolate. Would you love to have it daily? Now it is advisable that you can eat chocolate daily because of its health benefits.  Recently it is discovered that dark chocolate has numerous health benefits and excellent health gain material. However it has also some potential risk. Since its high calories so also track your daily calories record.Dark chocolate for Weight Lose and benefits.

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which grow on cocoa tree. Actually cocoa beans are seeds of cocoa tree. Cocoa beans are great source of antioxidant on earth. Other ingredients like sugar, milk etc. are added. But certainly milk and sugar give a good taste to your tongue but not well for health. So, I am always doing mention dark chocolate or chocolate which contains at least 60 percent cocoa.

Here are lists of Health benefits of Dark chocolate:-

Weight Loss –

Dark chocolate for Weight Lose and benefits. In first line you will wonder that how dark chocolate can help in weight loss. Add dark chocolate in your diet plan without worrying about extra pounds and it is easy.

Researcher has found that dark chocolate has far more feeling. When you eat dark chocolate, it blurs the cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty foods. So prefer a small amount of dark chocolate in your regular diet for your optimal health.

Good for Your Heart –

A recent research show that consuming of a little  amount of dark chocolate two or three times in a week can help you to control and keep low your blood pressure. It improves blood flow in your body and prevents formation of blood clots which decrease of chances of heart attack. It also prevents arteriosclerosis. In a experimented research at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, eating dark chocolate (a small cube) daily for four weeks helped restore flexibility to arteries.

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