8 New Ways to Winterize Your Skin. When it starts to snow you know how it can really get cold. The winter weather can be very harsh on the skin. It comes with very dry winds and low moisture which can make your skin get dry and dull. A dry skin develops cracks and can be a start of a big problem. The spaces store germs which can result in irritations or even eczema. Skin is the most conspicuous organ in the body. We should wear it at its best always even during winter. Here are 8 New Ways to Winterize Your Skin for a stunning glow during the season.

Get a humidifier

Winter sucks the moisture in the air and that of your skin. Outdoors it is cold and dry. Inside the house we tend to heat it up to stay warm forgetting that it takes away the moisture. Investing on a good humidifier is a great idea. It will moisturize the house even when you sleep replenishing the moisture taken away from your skin, keeping your skin fresh and glowing. This can help make the winter more bearable. Remember to clean and manage the humidifier well as failure to do so can result to bigger skin problems.

Hydrate with a moisturizer

Upgrade your moisturizer to suit the skin needs when winterizing. Your normal moisturizer during the warm months won’t be able to tackle the low moisture and cold weather. A moisturizer will help lock in the moisture in your skin. For a good moisturizer this season, choose a thicker one with ingredients like glycerin or sorbital which attract moisture to the skin from the air.

Support the moisturizer with a serum

Apply the serum before the moisturizer either during the day or at night. Serums penetrate deeper into your skin because of their concentrated fluids offering the skin with hydration. We have different skin needs right? The choice of your serum should be according to your concerns. It can be a skin brightener, hydrating serum or best bleaching cream.

Moisturize the skin immediately after shower

During the winter there is high tendency for the skin to get dry, applying the moisturizer immediately after shower help to lock the moisture in. After shower, remove the water lightly with the towel. Over drying can pull away moisture which is very essential for the skin.

Cleanse gently with lukewarm water

Avoid too hot and long showers it can rip your skin off its essential oils that keep in the skin moisture. This can further dehydrate your skin as the oils act as protective barriers. Apply little soap during shower, some soaps tend to get the skin dry. With less moisture in the air limiting the number of baths will be more effective. Skin moisture is needed for healthy look.

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