7 Health Tips for Women before Marriage

When marriage or marriage date of any girl is fixed , the girl start living in a different world or you can say in dream world. She start to get conscious on every moment and everything. In fact it is very important for the girl to maintain her completely like Health, look, personality etc. Here there are some simple very important health tips for every girl before marriage.

7 Health Tips and Tricks

  1. Not to Gain weight : This is the first and very important point for anyone. This is applicable for everyone. Brides should also focus on to maintain their weigh and not gain fat. Extra fat will give you a embracing feeling and will also decrease your confidence. As we know in marriage or after marriage ( for newly married), everyone’s eyes aims on Bride. So before your marriage avoid any kind of junk food, oil rich foods. But also keep in mind have proper diet ( don’t cut your regular diet). Plan and make a proper diet chart (2-3 months before your marriage) filled with nutrition.
  2. Drink lots of water : Drinking plenty of water on regular basis is very good for health. There are many health benefits of having good amount of water on daily basis. It is advised that we should drink at least 2.2 liter a day.

compose 75 percent of brain

Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cell

Helps convert food to energy

Helps your body to absorb nutrients

Helps to loose weight

Get rid of body toxin

Healthy skin

  1. Drink lukewarm water – If you have gained weight or your body contains fat then this is very useful tips to burn you fat without excessive exercise. Daily it’s important to drink lukewarm water with little lemon juice in empty stomach. you can also add a spoon honey. By using this on regular basis for 1-2 month, it will defiantly burn your body fat from belly through stools.
  2. Don’t Take Tension

As you know Tension kills your happiness. Always try to keep yourself relax and calm. When you be in too much tension , stress hormone is released. Try to avoid or ignore small issues which keep you in tension or try to take your smile from you. There are many ways to keep away from these things. A world wide survey say that chocolate controls the secretion of stress hormone. Serotonin present in the composition of sugar that is released from the brain and helps you to stay stress free.


  1. Have proper sleep : This time phase a little different for any girl who is going to marry in next few months or you can say this time phase start after engagement. In this time most of girls sleepless at night. They like to talk for long period at night with their fiancé. They forgot about dinner time or sleeping time. It means their sleeping time become irregular. Scientist say that for healthy life everyone should have at least 7hrs of sleep. Proper sleep is necessary for your body so that you can get energy and enthusiasm for next day life. Take a glass of warm milk before going to sleep. it contains calcium which produces melatonin. Melatonin is hormone which helps you to take sleep.

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