6 Best Summer skin care tips. When you come out of winter and enjoy the first rays of spring sun, it is only normal to be worried about the dry and dull aspect of the skin. With summer less than one month away, it is time to say goodbye to these problems and find out how you can restore the natural and beautiful-looking glow of the skin. We have prepared some summer skin care tips that are meant to guide you in the right direction, impressing everyone with your radiant and smooth complexion.Here are

6 Summer skin care tips for dry and dull skin

#1 Milk cream massage

What you want to do is use a little bit of milk cream, to perform a gentle massage at the level of the face (circular motions are preferred). Once you have completed the massage, let the milk cream sit on your face for about 10 minutes (so as to hydrate and nourish the skin). Then, use a cotton ball soaked in water and remove the milk cream from the face. The milk cream will hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and supple, just in time for summer fun.

#2 Skin peel

Skin peels are a great idea, as they can help you escape the dry and dull aspect of the skin in no time. However, you have to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and decide on how deep the skin peel should actually be. Also, if you opt for a deeper procedure, this means that the recovery will take a little bit longer. Keep in mind that skin peels actually involve the removal of skin layers, so excellent hygiene is required during this period, to keep the risk of infection down to a minimum.

#3 Facial masks

One of the best solutions that you can consider for dry skin is a facial mask. While there are many facial masks that can be purchased from a store, it is just as true that you can prepare one yourself, in the comfort of your home. For example, you can prepare an excellent mask by mixing ground almonds (previously soaked in water, overnight) with unsalted butter and thick milk. Apply the mixture on your face and wait until it dries completely. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water and enjoy the new radiance it offers.

#4 Wrinkle Cream

If you have never used wrinkle cream before, there is no better time than the present moment to do that. You can use it to make both fine lines and wrinkles less visible but also prevent the formation of new ones. In order to benefit from the healthy properties of wrinkle cream, you have to find a product that matches the highest quality standards. A good product to try out is Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, a daytime vitamin C serum. However, before using this product, it is recommended to perform a thorough research and inform yourself on the entire range of benefits and potential side-effects.

#5 Oil cleanse

Oil cleanse is recommended only in the situation your skin is dry and dull, with both coconut oil and sweet almond oil representing two viable options. You can also mix essential oils, just a couple of drops and use them to massage your face. When done, clean your face with a washcloth that has been soaked in hot water (this will help you remove the excess oil from the level of the face). The washcloth will also open your pores, making the removal of debris or other impurities a lot easier.

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