6 Amazing tips to protect your skin this summer

If you are probably aware how important proper skincare is during the warm season of summer. It is a known fact that, there are some biggest holes in the ozone layer, which means that the action of the sun is much more powerful in those area. If you want to protect your skin from the harmful action of the sun, you need to follow some skincare tips. Discover these in the paragraphs below, along other useful and practical advice on maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

1. Organic insect repellent against mosquito bites

You probably know that summer is mosquito season. Those nasty insects are everywhere, and they can bite quite a lot, causing your skin to become red, inflamed and itchy. To protect your skin against mosquito bites, it is recommended to seek out and use organic insect repellent. Avoid insect repellents that contain harmful chemicals, as these, can cause serious allergic reactions at the level of the skin.

2. Toxin-free sunscreen to protect your skin against the sun

As the sun is quite powerful in this part of the world, you must wear sunscreen with high SPF. The SPF value will help you determine how long you can spend in the sun, without getting burned. It is recommended that you stick with a toxin-free sunscreen, preferably one that contains only natural ingredients and not harmful chemicals. Organic sunscreen lotions provide the skin with a physical barrier against the sun, containing ingredients such as natural herbs and essential oils. Make sure to choose one for the body and a separate one with higher SPF for the face (your complexion requires added protection to reduce the risk of premature aging). And, remember, the best sunscreen is the one that provides your skin with the level of protection it requires.

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