5 Simple Tips To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally



Get pink lips help of lemon juice : I know all heart about lemon juice.

Leman is acidic and they are removing dark surface .today we are applying for dark lips, you can take 1 spoon lemon juice and mixed almond oil or apply your lips with the help of cotton and after 10 minute wash cold water. So you get pinkish and soft lips.

Glycerin and rose scrub get pinkish lips : It’s time to getting soft and pinkish lips to your home for the combination of glycerin and rose, you will get wonderful scrub .half spoon glycerin and 1 rose in container and you have to mix than apply your lps slowly with the help of finger after 15 mint wash with water.

Turmeric powder and milk get natural and pink lips : Turmeric powder and milk both are natural and Ayurvedic, in a container you can add cold milk and turmeric powder or mix the scrub than apply lips area only or avoided other skin area.

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