Cumin seeds helpful for Designation: cumin seeds are extremely very good component for our designation system, its activities for salivary glands in mouth and their primary activities to designation. Cumin promote relief when you taken with hot water for daily bases, and they are very effective to control gas problems in stomach.

Cumin seeds prevent Heart attack: Cumin seeds control bed fats and cholesterol body by foods, and reduce heart attack problem. in every day we are eating chilies ,spice food  and other Chinese foods  cumin is one of who can control and protect our body with like heart attack type of problems it’s like (masala)and they are available for most of grocery stores.

Seeds are prevent to cancer: Cumin helpful to induce glutathione-transferase and protect enzymes and protect eliminate with cancer. Cumin was protect and developing stomach and liver tumors.

Cumin seeds are used in cooking and nutritional profile both: They are good source for iron and manganese .there is excellent component for cooking how is protecting all disease and problems to our body.

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