Amazing 5 Health Benefits Of Cumin (Jeera) 

Cumin Seeds for Cooking, Weight Loss, and controlling many Diseases

Cumin seeds for cooking, weight loss and controlling many diseases: Jeera (cumin seeds) and scientific name is Cuminum cyminum it’s present in India and other country also its call spice got unique power loss. Those are very useful to lose your belly fat within 10 to 20 days if you are regularly eating cumin seeds. It’s very powerful for reducing weight and increasing metabolism and digestion system. Its excellent source of Iron, its playing important rolls to transport oxygen from lunges to all body. In vitamin such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1, and such as source of manganese and iron.5 Health Benefits Of Cumin in english.cumin for weight loss

Cumin seeds/Jeera water  for weight loss: 1 cup of water with 1spoon cumin seed boiled than add 1 spoon honey and drink in morning with empty stomach for daily bases(continue 1 month)you will find loss weight and you look  perfect.

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