• Licorice can be a possible treatment for melanoma. Other scientists who aim to find a reliable cure against skin cancer have researched the positive effects that licorice has on reducing the impact that solar UV rays have on our skin. Apparently, licorice has a substance called Licochalcone A that can inhibit the activity of various proteins directly involved in the development and spreading of skin cancer. This can indeed turn out to be a miraculous cure, since so many people are affected by the tars of this malady.

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  • Licorice has positive effects on the liver. There is also some research done on the way that licorice extract, combined with water can effectively cure liver toxicity. For the moment, the most current experiments were only done on lab rats, but there is indisputable evidence which confirms that licorice water extract has a hepatoprotective effect.

For all these reasons, licorice is an amazing natural remedy for various affections. Nevertheless, remember to always check with your doctor before using even the most praised home treatments.

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