10 Best Pregnancy Foods | Best foods for Pregnancy :


Getting the most nutritious foods during pregnancy is what most women want. If you are pregnant right now, you probably don’t want to jeopardize both you and your baby’s health by indulging to unhealthy junk snacks.

So to achieve healthy pregnancy and successful delivery, top-notch health should be your top priority.

Here are the 10 best foods that you should start eating today.

  1. Banana

Problem with night cramps? Yes, women are more prone to leg cramps during pregnancy and one way to prevent this is to eat potassium-rich foods, such as banana.

Since bananas are also “mild” on your stomach, it can be a perfect remedy if you are suffering pregnancy-triggered nausea.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a no-brainer here. We all know that this vegetable is truly beneficial for our bodies in different ways.

Pregnancy requires strong immunity to diseases and a lot of fibre to keep their digestive health functioning properly.

Broccoli is high in antioxidants, folate, calcium, and it even have vitamin C.

  1. Beans

All pregnant women need at least 10 grams of protein a day. As such, beans and lentils are two of the best food sources, and are the easiest way to get it.

Dried beans contain 15 grams per cup, enough amounts to get you through the day’s recommended protein intake. Plus, these foods are also high in fibre, keeping your pregnancy period constipation-free.

  1. Fortified Cereal

The whole nine months of pregnancy requires adequate amounts of B vitamins. In fact, experts suggest that at least 400 micrograms (mcg) daily.

You can get B vitamins by taking doctor-prescribed multivitamin supplement or through healthy foods such as your favourite morning cereal (where most brands offer the exact amount of 400mcg per serving).

  1. Lean Meat

During pregnancy, you are required to take in a lot of iron to prevent getting tired easily.

What food can give you the most iron? Guess what? Yes, it is lean meat!

Lean meats are easily absorbed by the body, making it one of the leading food candidates for iron supplementation.

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